Austin Healey 3000


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Price: TBA

This car came to us for a valuation, and whilst we observed it was a relatively rust free example, it was also noted that the car had received considerable work a number of years ago, that unfortunately was done to a poor standard. The panel gaps were poor. The previous welding was sloppy. As the car has sentimental value and has been in the owner’s family for many years, the decision was taken to invest in the car and get her looking the way she should.

We took the car back to bare metal in a number of areas to allow us to attend to and rectify the previous poor repairs. The sills were replaced, along with the A and B posts and the rear quarters. New, hand crafted aluminium front wings were sourced and fitted, and the swage lines were re-profiled slightly to ensure their shaping was correct and they lined up properly. The car was then repainted in the correct colour of Old English White, before the panel gaps were adjusted and re-aligned. With the bodywork now looking pristine, we re-trimmed areas of the interior, fitted a new, mohair hood and replaced the rear suspension components. The car now has the handling to match its looks, and the delighted owner has been using her regularly since!