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1962 Jaguar E-Type OTS


This 1962 Jaguar E-Type OTS was first brought to Hilton & Moss to have a common ‘upgrade’ reversed to preserve the cars originality. Conversions from the early Moss gearbox to a later ‘4.2’ fully synchronized unit is not uncommon but the customer decided that originality was essential with this genuine RHD 3.8 litre OTS variant.

However, upon detailed inspection of the vehicle, it was clear that the cars engine had a prominent timing chain ‘rattle’ and thus an engine strip down and assessment was required. It was discovered that during the cars older restoration, non-genuine low quality parts were used during reassembly. This resulted in advanced wear for the cars post rebuild mileage.

Whilst dismantled, the decision was made to fully detail the engine which included the correct passivation of all fixings or replacement where required, full component repaint, component vapour blast where required and professional polishing inline with the cars original finishes. Upon completion all of our engines are thoroughly tested on a dynamometer to ensure perfect fuelling and smooth running.

This Jaguar is now running perfectly whilst retaining originality throughout.

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