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Redefining Expectations

Hilton & Moss are well known for their work on Mercedes-Benz, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Lotus and TVR. We have years of experience working on these specialist marques.

Our workshop facilities here at Hilton & Moss are fully equipped to cater for all your servicing requirements, from routine maintenance through to engine rebuilds and electrical work.

Our fully qualified and factory trained technicians are able to look after both classic and modern vehicles and are always on hand to discuss your individual requirements on a personal level, to ensure your vehicle receives a high quality of service.

Classic Aston Martin Restoration
Classic Lotus Restoration
Classic Jaguar Restoration
Classic Lotus Restoration
Classic Jaguar Restoration
Classic Mercedes-Benz Restoration
Mercedes-Benz Service


With years of experience on working on classic Mercedes-Benz we are able offer a high quality and comprehensive level of servicing on all types of Mercedes-Benz.

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Aston Martin Service

Aston Martin

As a business, Hilton Group have been repairing contemporary Aston Martin models for years. With the addition of 2 employees from Aston Martin and Aston Martin Works our team is well versed in servicing these vehicles.

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Jaguar Service


With several restoration projects always on going our technicians are extremely knowledgeable in making sure that all level of serving required is to the highest standard.

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Lotus Service


A 20 year plus relationship as an official Lotus dealer and current changes being made to seek Lotus approval our technicians are extremely skilled with Lotus Servicing.

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TVR Service


After acquiring Bespoke Performance in 2020 we invested in bring over the technician team that allowed us to maintain the level of support that Bespoke Performance was well known for.

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