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This 190SL brought to us by a client was in need of some much overdue car. Finished in factory red, it has now undergone a meticulous restoration in our workshops. On receiving the car a full mechanical & body inspection was performed by our experienced technicians, and the vehicle assessed before starting any indepth work. Although the car was in very good condition on stripping it was evident that use and age had taken it toll. A full strip with mechanical overhaul was commissioned to preserve the car to its original condition. About the Mercedes-Benz 190SL model: The 190SL is the smaller sibling of the 300SL Gullwing, with the creation of both credited to Max Hoffman the Mercedes-Benz USA dealer and his desire for Mercedes-Benz to produce road cars replicating the aesthetics and style of the W194 Gran Prix race car. Half the price of the 300SL models when new Mercedes-Benz sold 26,000 models, over 8 times more than the larger  6-cylinder 300SL.

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