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Mercedes-Benz W121 190SL


After being ‘restored’ in Spain and spending many years in Europe this 190SL was imported to the UK by its long-term keeper and brought to the Hilton & Moss facility for a full service and inspection. Upon reviewing the car, it was clear that the maintenance, repairs and restoration had not been completed by a marque specialist and the car was hiding a huge amount of rust below the surface. Mechanically the car was due a full recommission for safe and reliable usage.

It was decided that the car would be fully dismantled for analysis and repairs of the affected areas. As with all Hilton & Moss restorations retaining originality where possible is essential. Using genuine Mercedes-Benz parts and panels where available aids authenticity and quality.

Upon completion of the repairs, it was decided that with the value and quality of the car, a full respray in its original colour of DB040 Solid Black would be the finishing touch. The retrimmed 1088 ‘Rot leather interior was in good condition but the carpets were replaced with a brand new, correct 1079 Boucle Rot kit.

During reassembly, all mechanical items were assessed and tested. The engine and axles were resealed as required, alongside any perishables and bushes. The result is a beautifully but not over-restored 190SL that looks and drives fantastically.

The state-of-the-art Hilton & Moss facility ensures that the entire 190SL restoration process can take place on-site passing through each stage with the utmost care and quality control from our team.

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