Chassis number 660496 is a most special, desirable and historically important XK120 having been previously owned and campaigned by the automotive artist Dexter Brown.

Dexter acquired the car in 1967 at the young age of just twenty five years old and built the car into the Ecurie Ecosse Blue record breaking car that you see here. The car was fitted with an E Type 4.2 engine with gas flowed head, bigger valves, racing crankshaft, high lift cams and a gas flowed head taking the power up to a heady 290bhp.

Dexter Brown campaigned the car extensively during this period including recording standing quarter mile time of just 15.06 seconds at the Brighton Speed Trials. However, the greatest achievement was at the Ghent Speed Trials in 1970 where the car ran the flying kilometre at a record speed of 153.5mph and also achieving ftd at the same event.

Other notable achievements include;
06/07/1970 – Prescott 64 secs (long course)
16/08/1970 – Shelsey Walsh 42.3 secs
31/08/1970 – Gurston Down Hillclimb 46.5 secs
12/09/1970- Brighton Speed Trials 15.06 secs
04/10/1970- Gurston Down Hillclimb 44.39 (Fastest XK on the day)
This is an exceptionally quick XK120 that delivers the same pleasure and excitement today as it did in period.
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