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Aston Martin Restoration

As a business, Hilton Group have been repairing contemporary Aston Martin models for years. When Hilton & Moss was formed, we quickly found ourselves being asked to take on classic Aston Martin restorations and to that end we invested in experienced staff who were capable of handling those jobs. We have established a network of expert advisers who have all worked with Aston Martin making it straightforward for us to understand and deal with the manufacturing quirks of the marque.
Our bodyshop team are superb at working with both steel and aluminium, and our trimmers understand how to prepare the interiors in the same way that the trimmers at the Aston factory would have done so, thus retaining that all important authenticity. Many Aston Martin owners wish to have the mechanicals attended to buy marque specialists such as RS Williams, and we are also able to offer full engine rebuilds and upgrades in house.

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Aston Martin